History Remembered

In 1861, Sarah and William Hasting and their three children settled in Grafton. They lived in a wagon box, cooked over a campfire and lived on caneseedbread, pigweed and sego lily roots. William bought a dugout from the Romney family (Hastings Dugout). It is now just a depression in ground behind the cabin pictured above. The lot is located on a corner across the street from the schoolhouse. The dugout was a room 12 by 14 feet, which was a hole dug in the ground and hill and walled up in front with two windows and a door. William died in 1882 at the age 58. Sarah lived there for over 50 years and moved from Grafton to Hurricane in 1915. She died in 1920 at the age of 90.

A New Restoration in Grafton

by Linda Attiyeh-

In 1947 a log cabin was moved from Beaver, Utah to the Hastings Dugout lot in Grafton for the movie Ramrod. The cabin interior had plaster walls and used extensively in the movie as Rose’s home and dressmaker shop. My father always called it the Ruby cabin so I will call it the Rudy Rose cabin. My father, Jack Harden fell in love with Grafton. He was born in Salt Lake City and we would drive back and forth from Los Angeles stopping at Grafton. We either forged the Virgin River barefoot, or walked across a board and cable footbridge, or drove across the steel bridge. But we had to open and close many gates all along the dirt road to Grafton.

I remember walking through the log cabin as a teenager. During my childhood I came to think of the cabin as a real gem with just the right proportions. Many years later we purchased the property from Karen who was a member of Ballard family. Gradually overtime the cabin logs collapsed in on themselves. These were beautiful old hand hewn logs made by the pioneers. Weathering has since made these logs even more beautiful. We saved the logs in anticipation that eventually we would restore the log cabin. After thinking about the restoration of the cabin for years we finally decided this year to start the project. We hired expert craftsman Mike Brooks, Brock Wright, and Russell Bezetteto work on project using old photographs to make sure the restorations were correct as much as possible. We treated the new wood with vinegar to make it look old. Old windows were remade to fit the windows. We also plan to excavate the Dugout that remains behind the cabin to see what we can find. So thanks to the many who worked on the restoration. This beautiful little hand hewn log cabin has been reborn. –Linda Attiyeh-

Russell Home

This year we received a $7,500 matching grant from the Utah Division of State History through the Town of Rockville. The Partnership provided the match of $7500 for the grant. Funds were used to work on the interior of Russell Home and straighten the sagging porch, install new living room ceiling, replace and repaired wood baseboards in the living room and bedrooms. Painted some of window frames inside, installed two new fireplace mantels and fireplace hearth stones at the base, repointed the adobe to upstairs bedrooms and patched the adobe exterior walls.

Rockville Bridge

The Town of Rockville was successful at raising matching funds needed to restore the bridge. Fundraising efforts were led by Mayor Pam Leach, the Town Council and a Fundraising Committee. These efforts included Town budget allocations, rubber ducky races, art exhibitions and auctions, collection jars, the receipt of several grants and many other activities, which have netted a current fund of $70,000. Utah Representative Brad Last and Senator Evan Vickers, made a $100,000 request to the Utah State Legislature.It was granted, this funding would complete the matching funds of $169,250 needed from the Town.

Grafton Reunion

Everyone is invited to the annual Grafton Reunion, September 30, 2017 at Grafton from 11-2:00 P.M. Bring your lunch, hat, chair and memories to share. The Partnership will have items such as books, pictures of Grafton and t-shirts available. There will be a program and if you have any stories you would like to tell about Grafton, or a song to sing, call us (phone 435-635-2133). A Grafton Reunion Facebook page has been set up. Where anyone can upload photos and histories at It is also posted on our webpage.

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